Frequently asked questions

Interpreting Services Q & A

I've been asked to organise an event with simultaneous interpreting. What should I do?

Send us an e-mail or call us on +34 ... (fixed landline charges) so that we can call you back to discuss your event. We will explain what interpreting facilities and personnel you will need to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day whilst keeping your conference within budget.

I don't need simultaneous interpreting with a booth, but I have been asked to organise an event with a leading VIP from abroad. What other kinds of interpreting services do you provide?

We also provide personal interpreting services for VIPs and delegates, by supplying and organising interpreters for "chuchotage" and/or consecutive interpreting, where one or more interpreters accompany a delegate and provides them with continuous but discrete simultaneous interpreting to keep them informed of what is happening at a meeting or an event and to enable them to address a meeting and ask questions.

Will I need one interpreter or more?

Because of the degree of concentration required by an interpreter whilst working, the quality of interpreting can vary over time. Tell us what your requirements are and we will tell you whether you need one interpreter, two or more and how much this will cost.

What kind of hardware and equipment will I need to provide simultaneous interpreting facilities?

Together with the quotation that we will send you, we will provide you with an itemised quotation of all the audiovisual equipment you will need to provide simultaneous interpreting facilities. If the venue at which the event is to be held does not have simultaneous interpreting facilities, we can supply and organise all the technical facilities required for your event.

Who should supply the other hardware, like microphones, a public address system, overhead projectors, screens and other equipment?

Ideally, to avoid any confusion and ensure that all the audiovisual facilities are compatible and function correctly on the day, this should be supplied by the same company that supplies the simultaneous interpreting equipment. We provide a complete package for our clients and a quotation, so that you will know exactly how much they are spending or may have to spend on your event.

Translations Q & A

When can I have my translation by?

All our replies to requests for translations provide information on the delivery date for the assignment. If you need a document by a specific date or time, please tell us. We will answer you as soon as possible to let you know whether we are able to deliver the assignment on time or not.

Can you translate documents into or from languages that are not very commonplace?

Usually. We have a sound working relationship with accredited translators for a considerable number of minority or rarer languages both in Spain and abroad and will contact them to see when they can deliver the assignment as and when required by the client.

Do you provide any other document-related services?

Yes. We also carry out corrections, advise on the use of language for publicity material and produce minutes of meetings from recordings for a significant number of clients.